Sensible County Growth

     As your representative, I have advocated for reasonably judicious checks and balances on new development. My goal for this has always been to protect the safety and welfare of the community, and to adhere to the goals of our zoning ordinance.

     However, new development threatens to choke our roads and infringe upon areas our County has slated for Rural Preservation. I have challenged and continue to question traffic studies which imply the current congestion on Sneed and Hillsboro Roads is acceptable.

     Let us welcome new residents to our beautiful community in an intelligent, responsible, and calculated way that can be supported by our current or prudently expanded infrastructure.

Fiscal Responsibility

     My vision for our schools is excellence in education achieved with responsible funding. While the state allows us to utilize little other than property taxes to pay for the operation of our rapidly-growing County, I have advocated for creative alternatives that can help use raise this needed revenue. These alternatives include the ‘Educational Impact’ fee on new residential construction, and the selling of available county assets, such as the Cool Springs Convention Center.  

Fiscal responsibility is important for eduation

     The Williamson County Commission recently voted to take on $150,000,000 in debt for an expansion/renovation of Williamson Medical center with the expectation of quadrupling the WMC revenues within the next 4 years. It’s understood that while taxpayers are backing this obligation, debt service is covered by the hospital’s revenues. I voted in support of having a discussion in 4 years to examine the benefits of sharing this boon in revenues with taxpayers who back this new debt. Unfortunately, havng this dicussion was not approved by the majority of the commissioners.

     These alternatives help us avoid laying this burden solely on the raising of property tax, which is already a hardship to lower income families and seniors living on fixed incomes. I have advocated for revisions to Tennessee’s complicated and difficult-to-understand “BEP formula,” which continues to reduce the state’s return of tax revenue for the funding of Williamson County Schools.

Government Transparency

     It has been a pleasure promoting and initiating open communications with residents in our community. I keep all interested parties informed through my bi-monthly newsletter and actively listen to your concerns during monthly Coffee Meetings at “The Good Cup” in Grassland Village. I want to know your concerns because my goal is to represent your interests on the County Commission.

Citizen Empowerment

     I have grown so very proud of our law enforcement community, who serve and protect us with character and integrity. In a small way, I have endeavored to give back to them by promoting the BADGE program, which reaches out with support to deputies when they find themselves in need of a helping hand. Please reach out to me, if you too wish to join this effort.

Community meeting with Williamson County Commissioner District 8

Since elected to this office 8 years ago, I have enjoyed building relationships with those who have reached out to me with their concerns. I want to hear you and I want to help. I urge you to connect with me, so that together, we can make our community stronger and an even better place to live. Together, we can make a meaningful difference—for our families, our communities, and our country.