Barb Sturgeon is known as a strong proponent of creative solutions to the issues Williamson County is facing. She has demonstrated over the past four years that she is focused on the best interests of the residents of this community and is an advocate for low taxes. She regularly seeks input from her constituents via regular newsletters and constituent coffees. Barb is a Commissioner who encourages pursuing new solutions to problems rather than just accepting the status quo. I strongly endorse Barb Sturgeon for re-election to the Williamson County Commission.

Phillip Cantrell,

CEO Benchmark Realty

 If there were a "constituent care" award given to County Commissioners, Commissioner Sturgeon would be the recipient.  A most common phrase, usually prefacing her public comments, for which Barb is noted is "my constituents think" or "my constituents want to know". Commissioner Sturgeon knows this axiom of governing very well. With regard to strategic planning, controlled growth, and fiscal responsibility, Barb is your gal.  She has worked hard to increase transparency, get straight answers, and encourage frugal budgeting in an environment that is quite difficult to navigate such principles.  Endorsing Commissioner Sturgeon in her efforts toward re-election is a pleasure and an honor.  There are few servant leaders of this caliber. Citizens of the 8th District will be blessed to once again have Commissioner Barb Sturgeon continue her service to them four more years.

Sherri Clark,

Williamson County Commissioner District 9

I am happy to endorse Barb Sturgeon as she campaigns for a second term as our representative to the Williamson County Commission. Barb has been diligent in keeping us informed regarding issues coming before the Commission. She sends notices of the agenda, meets with constituents on a regular basis, and sends followup after each Commission meeting to let us know the results of the meetings. She has been very responsive to requests for assistance from our neighborhood and very helpful in providing information about how best to navigate Williamson County offices. Barb is always respectful and seeks to serve the needs of her constituents, regardless of political viewpoint, and I think her experience and wide ranging knowledge of the people and issues in Williamson County will be invaluable.

Gerry Miller,
Secretary Battlewood Homeowners Association

 It is without hesitation that I endorse Barb Sturgeon for her re-election to the Williamson County Commission, representing District 8. I have had the great fortune of getting to know Barb through her engagement and assistance on a couple of issues that have affected our neighborhood. Barb has always made herself available to me and my neighbors in an effort to understand our concerns, listen to our ideas to solve these concerns and then taken action to help us get to the right decision makers that could help. She maintains a high level of communication, as evidenced by her email updates. Her enthusiasm and dogged determination make her a great asset to our district. Let's get out and vote to keep Barb as our District 8 Commissioner.

Drew Torres,

As a forty-five year resident of Williamson County, I can say without reservation, we have never had an elected official on any level so responsive to the concerns of this community. Barb Sturgeon possesses the ability to listen to our thoughts, formulate a plan to try and solve the problem, and then keep us appraised of the outcome. Her enthusiasm in attacking problems is contagious which stimulates better participation from her constituents. We are blessed to have a person with her standards and talents representing us. Lets make sure Barb knows we appreciate her and her hard work. Get out and Vote for Barb Sturgeon for our County Commissioner!

Jean Yelvington,
Battlewood Estates

Franklin has been our home for 15 years. Of all the County Commissioners, School Board Members, Planning Commissioners, and Mayors we have met, above all, Barb Sturgeon has been the most helpful, the most available to constituents, and the hardest working local government servant. Barb sends monthly emails highlighting local government issues as well as meets with residents each month at a local coffee shop to keep her constituents informed. Barb has assisted us in navigating the workings of local government and has provided a much-needed liaison for concerned citizens. Barb has been a strong advocate for preserving our county’s heritage through responsible development. She has represented her constituents well, advocating for fiscally wise leadership and transparency.  With genuine enthusiasm, we strongly endorse Barb Sturgeon for re-election as a Williamson County Commissioner.   

Donna & Runcie Clements,

Temple Hills



My name is Barb Sturgeon, and as a Williamson County Commissioner of District 8, I am committed to serving and protecting the best interests of my community. The Franklin/Brentwood area offers a unique and high quality of life, full of the best that Tennessee has to offer. I want to continue to play an active role in making our community the best place to live and raise our children and grandchildren.

Sensible County Growth

As your representative, I have advocated for reasonable checks on new development to protect the safety and welfare of the community and to adhere to the goals of our zoning ordinance. As new development threatens to choke our roads and infringe on areas our County has slated for Rural

Preservation, I have questioned traffic studies that imply that the current congestion on Sneed and Hillsboro roads is acceptable. Let us welcome new residents to our community in an intelligent and well-thought- out way that supports our existing infrastructure.

Fiscal Responsibility

My vision for our schools is excellence in education with responsible funding. While the state allows us to utilize little other than property taxes to pay for the operation of our vastly growing County, I have advocated for creative alternatives for raising this revenue. These alternatives include the Educational Impact fee on new residential construction and the selling of available county assets, such as the Cool Springs Convention Center.

These alternatives help us avoid simply raising property taxes, which are a burden to lower income families and seniors living on fixed incomes. I have advocated for revisions to Tennessee’s complicated and difficult-to-understand “BEP formula,” which continues to reduce the state’s return of tax revenue for the

funding of Williamson County Schools.

Government Transparency

It has been a pleasure promoting and initiating open communications with residents in our community. I have kept people informed through my bi-monthly newsletter and have listened to your concerns at monthly coffees at The Good Cup in Grassland Village.

Citizen Empowerment

I have grown so very proud of our law enforcement community, who serve and protect us with character and integrity. In a small way, I have endeavored to give back to them by promoting the BADGE program, which reaches out with support to deputies when they find themselves in need of a helping hand. Please reach out to me, if you too wish to join this effort.

Since elected to this office 4 years ago, I have enjoyed building relationships with those who have reached out to me with their concerns. I want to hear you and I want to help. I urge you to connect with me, so that together, we can make our community stronger and an even better place to live. Together, we can make a meaningful difference—for our families, our communities, and our country.

About Barb



Barb was born in Rocky River, Ohio and raised with her six siblings. Growing up, Barbara learned the value of a good education and hard work from her father, a small business owner, who turned one small hardware store into three while raising 7 children. Barb’s mother, a stay-at-mother, instilled in Barb the values of a strong family and a strong faith. 

Barb graduated from the University of Dayton with a BS in Chemical Engineering and went on to work for Armour-Dial Corp. as an industrial engineer and plant supervisor. She later worked as a Project Management Engineer at John Brown Engineering in Chicago until she left the workplace to raise a family.

In 1996 Barbara and her family moved to Singapore where they lived for 4 years. Travelling to many different countries throughout Asia and Europe was a culturally enriching experience that gave Barb a better world perspective and a richer appreciation for her American citizenship. Barb learned that America is truly the most innovative country in the world and one of the friendliest. 

Barb and her family moved to Williamson County in 2010. They are members of St. Henry Catholic Parish. Barb and her husband Rob have one daughter at St. Cecilia Academy and three college graduates. One daughter works in Brentwood while their eldest son recently moved to Fairview with his wife and young daughter. 

Barb decided to run for office in 2014 because she believes government operates at its best when citizens participate. Over the last 4 years, as Barb has addressed her constituents’ concerns, she has become more passionate than ever about citizen involvement. She looks forward to serving another 4 years.


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