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Coffee with your Commissioner

Dear Neighbors,

All results are in red type for your convenience. All Commissioners were present as I joined the meeting via Webex. Several residents spoke during Public Comment.

About half spoke regarding security concerns with voting machines as them causing long unmanageable lines at the polls causing voters to home without voting. They also spoke on the desire to go back to precinct voting.

The other main topic of Public Comment was in support of passing resolution 1-23-16 in an effort to keep small business environmrnt on Main Street Franklin viable under the 200-300% increase in property taxes resulting from the last Property Assessment.

Unfortunately, since October 2022 I have been dealing with the diagnosis of serious health issues. I have been diagnosed with thymoma cancer requiring several rounds of chemotherapy which have compromised my immune system. Because of this, I am indefinitely suspending my Coffee with your Commissioner at the Good Cup until I have recovered, hopefully in 4-6 months. In the meantime, I am requesting the county to make accommodations for my compromised immune system so I can attend this months County Commission Meeting. Any of you who have dealt with chemotherapy either yourselves or through a loved one, understand that an infection is life threatening in this situation. I was not able to attend this month’s Budget meeting since it was not safe for me to attend.

This January 2023 Williamson County Commission meeting will be at the Williamson County Administrative Complex auditorium @ 7:00 PM on Monday, January 9th.

This meeting will be also publicly broadcast on the local public TV stations as well as WC-TV accessible on the county website, as well as on YouTube afterward. Go to WC-TV to live stream. The meeting will be broadcast on Comcast Channel 3, Charter Channel 192, AT&T Channel 99, and United Communications Channel 207.

There are 18 resolutions under consideration in this month’s meeting. Below are some of the more notable ones. Seven of which are on the consent agenda.


You can always go HERE to view the Williamson County Calendar.

You can go HERE to view the voting district map to verify which district you live in, which will determine which candidates you can vote for in this year’s elections.

You can go HERE to explore what county district or congressional district you are living in as well.

You can go HERE to register to vote in Tennessee.


1-23-8 resolution appropriating $17,000 of ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds for expanded Wi-Fi service at 3 Williamson Library locations. 24 Yes 0 No

1-23-9 resolution for appropriating $195,100 of ARPA funds for stormwater infrastructure assessment for the creation and submission of a Data Collection and Asset Assessment and Maintenance Master Plan. 23 Yes 0 No Com. Landrum absent

1-23-10 resolution appropriating $50,000 of ARPA funds for additional air hand dryers for the Williamson County Ag Expo Center. 21 Yes 3 No (No Votes by Com. Mary Smith, Richards & Sanford)

1-23-15 resolution of support for state legislation that would allow members of county legislative bodies to participate in scheduled Commission meetings by remote means. Currently the Williamson County School Board allows Board members to attend meetings remotely, regardless county legal staff maintains that this does not set a precedent that allows Commissioners of Williamson County to attend County Commission meetings remotely and that a change in TN state legislation is required. 23 Yes 1 No (No vote by Com. Aiello

1-23-16 resolution of support for state legislation that would permit local governments in TN to provide tax relief for certain Historical & Commercial properties. This resolution was originally initiated in November 2022 in an effort to give Williamson County the freedom to potentially assist preserving the unique culture and small business atmosphere that currently exists in the downtown Franklin Main St. area.

17 YES 7 No (No votes by Com. Tunnicliffe, Richards, Nations, Webb, Hester, Herbert & Sanford)

Our Williamson County state representative delegation consists of Reps Gino Bulso, Jake McCalmon, & Sam Whitson and Sen Jack Johnson. Before moving forward on legislative efforts requested by the County Commission they ask for a 2/3 majority vote vs. a simple majority. This vote satisfied this requirement.

I voted Yes on this measure because it gives more local control to Williamson County regarding the assessment of taxes and provides one possible tool in preserving the desirable environment that local, small businesses have created on Franklin’s Main Street. It has become a destination spot for tourists and local residents. Per our Tourism boards estimates, the average household in the county benefits in lower property taxes of approx. $1,100 annually due to this area’s sales tax revenues. Hopefully The City of Franklin will take measures to preserve the character of this historical & commercial asset.This legislation will give the county one possible tool on helping to find a solution for what’s best for all the county’s residents.


County Mayor Appointments

Storm Water Appeals Board 3yr term, exp. 1/26

Re-nomination of Davis Lamb, Brad Hoot, Liz McLaurin

Zoning Appeals Board exp. 5/23

Filling unexpired terms:

Dave Ausbrooks resigning nominee: Matthew Roberts

All nominations were unanimously approved.

County Commission meetings are normally held at the Administrative complex at 1320 West Main St., Franklin in the auditorium (East end of bldg) @ 7 PM and generally on the 2nd Mon. of the month. Meeting agendas are available HERE. There is no meeting in December, April, or August. July’s meeting is when the tax rate and budget for the upcoming year are approved.

Anyone interested in getting a better understanding of our county resolutions can come to the Budget Committee meetings held on 1st Mondays @ 4:30 pm in the Conference Room across from the County Mayors’ office. In this committee, any resolution with a fiscal consequence is discussed one week prior to being voted on by the Commission as a whole. All Committee meetings are open to the public.

All your feedback is welcome.

Best Regards,

Barb Sturgeon

Williamson County Commissioner

District 8